How do I determine if I can put a mobile home on my land in CLT?

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I recently moved to Fort Mill and am looking to buy a lot and a used, hopefully cheap, mobile home to put on it. What is the best way to determine if zoning will allow it? What else might prevent me from doing it? 

Thank You,

Adam Cameron

Hey @Adam Cameron

A good place to start is by knowing who has the jurisdiction for the land you are considering.  Is it City of Charlotte or Mecklenburg County?

Call or email the local zoning dept to ask specific questions.

Out west of the city, Gaston County is no longer permitting mobile home parks proper, though they do allow mobile homes to be place on individual parcels of land.  You may find that Mecklenburg County is the same.

Some further info:

I would call the local zoning board and tell them EXACTLY what you'd like to do.  They SHOULD be able to guide you.  You could also speak with a local manufactured home dealer in the area.  I'm sure they're very familiar with the process.