# of Duplexes vs Triplex/Quadplex

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Hi all,

According to the Columbus housing page on usa.com, there are 14K units in 2-unit buildings = 7K duplexes, and 36K units in 3-4 unit buildings = 9-12K triplexes/quadplexes. However, when looking at properties sold in the past few months in Columbus, there are many more duplexes than triplexes/quadplexes.

What's your experience on relative volume of duplexes vs triplexes/quadplexes? Also, is there a site that allows you to filter on # of units? The common real estate search sites don't have this feature.

- Harman

@Harman N. If you work with a Realtor we can set you up for specific searches on the MLS. We can set you up with a search for 2 units and another for 3-4 units.

I assume that 4 units do not move as much because they are cash cows once stabilized. If managed properly you have something that can either refinanced at a higher amount or sold off-market to an investor.  I have 3 of them and the only one I am selling (contract pending on it) is not stabilized. My 2 that are stabilized print enough money for me to live slightly above the poverty line.

@Harman N.

I used Trulia to look for my duplex. What my personal experience is there's quite a few duplex all around Powell, Westerville, and Dublin but getting down to downtown Columbus you find more triplex and fourplex.

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