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Hey all, 

I was planning on attending a Philadelphia DIG meeting next month and was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any specific subgroups to go to for the first meeting. I know naturally, you would want to go to the subgroup meeting for the area in which you plan to invest. I've never been and just want to see a meeting.

I've attended numerous SJREIA meetings which are great, but wanted to check out the Philly DIG meetings as well so any advice would be much appreciated. 


Go to and find the Diversified Investor Group (DIG) page from which you can see most if not all of the subgroups that are sponsored by DIG; you can see the location in case you want to be at a meeting close to other places where you are familiar; you can see dates and times to see what best fits your schedule; and you can send a message to the subgroup leader / host asking what the topic or speaker will be for that upcoming month.

There is no main / general DIG meeting in the month of November.

Originally posted by @Michael Campbell :

@Paul McCormick Jr   ....  As a non-member you are allowed to attend each sub-group meeting once.

Actually, DIG restricts non-members to exactly one subgroup meeting, and that one subgroup can only be attended once before they expect somebody to join. Same goes for the main meeting - that can be attended only once as a non-member. 

The SJREIA has a similar policy unless I am mistaken.

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