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Hey everyone, I'm in the process of searching for some inexpensive windows to replace in one of my rentals. Who do you normally use? These windows are from the 40s and are finally on their last leg and starting to leak. If it makes any difference it will only be 8 windows total.

I too used Window World as world @Anna Buffkin . Their customer service is pretty terrible but the prices are hard to beat. It's been several years (5+) but I want to say they were around $250/each installed.

I just got quotes from a few different places and 84 Lumber in Lexington is the cheapest, provided you're installing yourself. You can also find Stroud Supply out in Lexington/Two Notch area but they don't always have everything in stock. They're like a wholesaler of stuff. Everything is new. I paid $80 for a window there, but they just had the one. 

84 Lumber as mentioned above, Builders First Source, and BMC supply are all good contacts in the Columbia area. If you do not wish to install yourself, simply ask the salesman at either of the above referenced suppliers for recommendations on installers that they deal with on a regular basis. Your easiest, but most likely your most expensive option is to go through the big box, turn key window companies like Chamion and/or Window World. 

I actually called Window World today and it was $4800 for 8 windows - I was surprised because everyone had told me they were the most reasonable. I might just be underestimating how much they will cost but i was hoping for less than $3k for just the 8. 

One thing to note about Window World is that if you get windows from them and have them install them, they're required for the windows to meet code, which means a fancier window than their basic ones. So you can get cheaper windows if you install them yourself or sub that out. But getting from them requires a more expensive product. 

Also their grid add-ons are nuts! 84 Lumber is like $15.

Wow @Adam Odom .  They have really gone up.  I think last time I had windows in 2016/17 time frame it was just under $300 a window ($289 ish I think all in).

@Anna Buffkin surprised me too - the funny thing is I have a coupon in the mail I just received that is for 8 windows (exactly the number I need) with the extra bells and whistles (solar rating/film/etc) for $3899 installed! I haven't even called them back for that yet but I'm guessing you have to ask for that but I figured the cheaper windows would at least be comparable or lower than the promotion.

I had four windows replaced on the second story of a rental house which required removing and replacing siding.  It came to right about $2400 and the work was excellent.  I went with upgraded double pane windows. 

I used Nathan Barnes with American HandiWorks, LLC

@Tina S. I actually called them first a month or so ago. He told me it should be $350 a window ($2800) but when he sent the official quote it was $3800. I emailed back and asked why the difference and he never responded. Maybe it got lost in his junk folder but I thought it was strange so just didn't pursue.