Real Estate Lawyer and Property Manager

4 Replies | Memphis, Tennessee

Tricia, I'd be happy to help you with both. We manage 1500 properties in Memphis - with a staff of 40 and 22,000 sq ft building on Summer Ave, we have a large presence in the Mid- South

For closing attorney, I can hook you up with mine.


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Hello @Tricia Reichman n, for property management check out @Douglas Skipworth and or @Alex Craig . They are both very active bigger pockets users and very reputable in the city as great property managers. For your legal needs I would recommend Neal Hanna at Saddle Creek Title. They handle all of our closings and are very professional and great to work with!

@Tricia Reichman ,

Are you looking for a closing attorney?  In addition to @Stephen Akindona 's recommendation, you could also try Will Griffin, Jr. (Griffin Clift Everton) or Greg Ziskind (CloseTRAK).  They both work with lots of investors.

As far as management goes, where is your property located?

Best of luck to you!