Raising a fund - seeking deals

4 Replies | Chattanooga, Tennessee

I'm in the process of raising a fund with investors looking for deals specifically in Chattanooga, with some focus on opportunity zones. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for brokers or wholesalers to talk to, or some specific deals to look at. I'm familiar with the market and the city, but the folks I've worked with in the past for my own deals have been more suited to one-off type investments. In this case we may prefer looking at more bulk/portfolio investments if possible.

@Sam Mitchell and @Kurtis Montgomery would love to connect with both of you guys.  I help run a real estate investment brokerage with an office in Chattanooga.  We have a licensed agent and help with acquisition, renovation, and property management specifically for investors.  

@Sam Mitchell I came across this thread and am also very interested in networking with you guys. I am an orthopedic surgery resident in Chattanooga but will be consolidating funds after training and investing in this surrounding area. It will be a few years before that is in place but I’d love to connect. Will you fellas shoot me a pm if you’re interested in talking or grabbing coffee. Thanks.