Got Their Hands Dirty in Exchange for Mentoring

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Way to go @Felipe Carrillo and @Elmo Vincent for sticking it out for multiple hours this past Saturday and Sunday helping me with my quarterly maintenance rounds.  In total we visited 5 homes (which really helped me)...and hopefully your ears are still intact from listening to me talk on our rides in the truck. My wife says I am a chatterbox ha ha.  Thanks for all our help!

Hi Tony,

Let me know if you need any other help. I am able and willing to assist a REI that will talk my ears off. :)

Hi Tony - thanks for the invite, It was good learning about your investment strategy and future plans. I ditto Cori - let me know if you need help again!

@Tony Castronovo like Cori and Felipe said, if you need any extra hands or any help with any part of your REI business, I’m always willing to help. I love to get new perspectives and as a new investor myself, I’m always looking to get hands on experience.

Will add you to the list @Jorge Quintero . I usually visit my existing properties every 3 months and often have a rehab going for new properties. Will keep you in mind for future opportunities.

@Tony I see you are doing good with get your hands dirty formula with REI's. I am also thinking about following up your idea. I am planning to visit my rentals in Jan next year. Will see how the response going to be.

Vijaianand Thirunageswaram, Real Estate Agent in TX (#612107)

Will these work? They're my favorites, I just really like that funny "S" shape they have. 

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