General Contractors in DALLAS!!!!

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Hey Everybody! 

I'm about to buy a property in Dallas that I'm going to need a top-notch contractor to help me maximize profits while still having quality work done. 

If this property is picked up hoping to start before December and finish before February - I understand there are holidays in between but I'm willing to pay a bonus if we finish on schedule. 

If I don't end up buying this property then I'm hoping to build a relationship so we can do several deals in 2020!! 


What kind of work do you need done on the property? Does it only need interior cosmetic work (sheetrock, painting, tile, etc.)? Does it need exterior work (landscaping, windows, siding, roofing, etc)? Does it need MEP work (HVAC, electrical, plumbing,etc)? Does it need flatwork/concrete? Do you need all of these? Narrowing down what you are looking for will help you determine the right GC to work with/find.

There is a general saying in the construction business: Good, fast, cheap...pick 2.

Hey @Kyle Strouse Thanks for getting back to me! Mostly interior for this job and maybe some landscaping. No MEP work. but having all those contacts would be great. I appreciate you helping me direct my understanding in understanding what I need. I would definitely choose Fast and Good - as long as they stick to a predetermined budget I'm fine with paying what its worth. 

@David Lilley Thanks for the referral! I will reach out to him asap.