Looking to connect w/ Utah Wholesale Investors

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Hi fellow BPer's! My husband and I moved to Utah from Hawaii about 3 months ago and are eager to jump in and get our feet wet. However, we're discovering an extremely tight market here...similar to Hawaii. Just wanting to get going in our REI career. Thanks in advance and we look forward to meeting with you!

Local REI meeting will be your best bet for finding wholesalers.

I would be interested in attending also! I'm new to REI but have done a couple deals and am finishing one right now. I'm also an architect in the area and could be helpful if needed. I'm on a couple wholesalers list but could always use more! Most of the deals I get sent are ok but not great. Under 200k is harder to find with minimal margins.

Hi @Drew Whitehead ...there is an REIA meetup this Thurs. at 6:30-9pm. The Huddle sports bar in Cottonwood Heights. Hope to see ya there! Yes, agree with you regarding under 200k. Getting a little disappointed, but will not give up!

Hey group! I am browsing through who is interested, active and involved in the area around me. I am interested in this REIA group. How often and where do you all meet up?

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@Jodi Kaili Welcome to Utah. The market is tight but deals exist. What kinds of stuff are you looking for? Most BPers are looking for deals that are very very very difficult to find. I find a few good deals once in a while.

@Drew Whitehead under or around 200k is the quickest selling price point around. I have a client that flips a lot and that is his bread and butter. There are higher end flips that work great but you have to have the capital to do them. 

I have almost unlimited capital right now and with my architect background I hope to do more heavy flips and additions. If anyone sees any please let me know. I have a couple in the works but I don't know how promising they are right now. I want to purchase one before the end of the month to get it listed in the Spring. 

@Jodi Kaili you aren’t too far from me so we should sit down and talk! I’d love to hear about your goals and see how I might be able to point you in the right direction. PM me and we will set something up!

Thank you for reaching out @Justin Hammond . Look forward to connecting and will call you either today or tomorrow!

@Eric Gardiner Yes, we are in that difficult to find or get to soon enough, selling price point. We can go a bit higher...however, have been focusing on wholesaling as well and hope to find deals that way! Appreciate your response greatly.

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