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Hi everyone,

I have read some of your articles related to foreigners investing in the USA. I have been working overseas (Jordan) for the past 6 years but have managed to build a small but successful portfolio of rentals in Salem, OR. I was recently approached by a friend whose company does small business and real-estate investments for their Middle Eastern investors. The company is in Jordan but the money is coming from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, etc. He believes that his company would be interested in investing in US properties and with me specifically. He is also interested in personally funding deals.

I have been reading about partnership for sometime but I always assumed it would be for a US based partner. I would love help trying to understand the steps required to have a successful partnership with a foreign business or individual. From my understanding, I would start by setting up an LLC and drawing up docs with a real-estate attorney. I would then open a bank account and have my EIN. Could the funds for the deal be wired to the escrow account/title company at closing. How could I go about disbursing funds to the investor? Would it be easier to just have the investor loan me the money, like a personal hard money lender with better rates? Any help would be much appreciated, like I said, I have only done personal purchases and I have never worked a partnership deal. Thanks.


You are on the  right track.  It would be better for you to use them as a private lender and not a partner.  You should make more profit by paying the interest as opposed to say a 50/50.  

I would possibly consider a 75/25 to you agreement as long as there is not points or fees charged.  

Good luck, finding the money is usually the hardest thing for most.

@Luke Glaze  

@Curt Davis  

Need to look at the withholding rules for interest income for foreign investors its not as simple as paying them interest.

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