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I purchased a house in Texas last year using the BRRR strategy. I am now at the point to refinance the house so that I can repeat.

Anyone know of any banks or lenders who would refinance a property in Texas for foreigners?


Hi Annabelle! Congrats on the house! Just spitballing, i have read that international banks like Citi can help in scenarios like this. A Canadian bank may do the deal since they have the ability to run your credit and background easier than an American bank. An American bank may do it because we have so many trade agreements and things with Canada. I would start at Citi or another international bank (TD is a Canadian based bank that does business in US). 

Hope this helps! 

Thanks @Rich O'Neill

Before purchasing the property, I did talk to TD and BMO for financing options.  But they require 50% down payment and the interest rate of the mortgage was relatively high. But thanks to the ridiculous housing market in Canada with crazy appreciation, I refinanced my Canadian home and purchased the US property with cash.

I haven't thought to talk to one of the Canadian banks again since then.  Thanks for reminding me and I will talk to them about refinancing.

I am interested to find if there are other mortgage and lending companies that would finance foreigners and what are the rates for foreigners.

Hi @Annabelle Lee , maybe speak to a good mortgage broker and see what they would suggest as they could have more of an in and relationships with many more banks than you trying to go into one at a time

Hi Annabelle,

You have several options, you can go with a stated income loans or one that is based off of the cash flow of the property. Rates on these loans start in the 7% with terms up to 30 yrs LTV's range from 70 to 75%. We offer financing for Foreign Nationals, Residential and Commercial.

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