Memphis investors looking to network during trip to Seattle

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Hi Washington investors!  

My wife (@Elizabeth Wilson ) and I will be in the Seattle area Aug 16-20.   One of our new favorite things to do when we travel is to meet up with local investors and discuss real estate.  

We have been investing in SFH in middle and west Tennessee for over 6 years now full-time. We've done almost everything related to SFH besides a ground-up builds.

We are open right now the 16th and 17th and maybe the evening of the 19th (She is running the Tunnel Marathon on the 19th but should be done and home early afternoon).

So if anyone would like to meet up and talk REI with some local Memphis investors, we'd be happy to share our experiences and lessons learned investing in Memphis. Either message me or post here, when/where would be good for you. Probably the best for us would be meal times.

We look forward to meeting ya'll!

Let's do lunch on the 16th or 17th?  I host lunch & networking meetups once or twice a month; I can potentially put something together while you guys are here so you can meet with multiple folks at once.

I sure hope you come down to Portland..  .... hop on the train  its  a cool 3 hour train ride.. takes you right down town

@Nghi Le - A networking lunch in Seattle on the 16th would be awesome!  Thank you for organizing!  Once you know the details of time and place, I'd be happy to post something in the BP networking/events forum.  Looking forward to it!

@Jay Hinrichs and @Caleb Webster - I wish we could make it down to Portland this trip!  We will have to coordinate another time for sure.  Honestly, this trip is as much for @Elizabeth Wilson 's grandmother (almost 90 and it is on her bucket list to explore Seattle!) as it is the marathon. 

Let us know when ya'll make it over to Memphis!