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I'm considering becoming a licensed agent, mainly for investing purposes, and possibly for the actual agent side of it. I'm wondering if any Milwaukee agents/investors can recommend an agency or brokerage that offers a quality course.   

I am from a different state (WA) but basically what I did was go to the state licensing website and check for approved schools.  From that list, I found the most cost-effective online class that would fulfill the requirement.

Hi Darius,

I'd highly recommend getting at least your agent's license and you can continue on and get your broker's license after that if you decide to, which allows you to even open up "Moody Real Estate" or whatever you'd like to call it. I briefly had my own one man firm going for a hot minute back in the 00's and quickly decided it was a lot of extra work (having to make sure you file all the various forms, maintain a 100% perfect trust account, etc and if you make even an honest mistake and get caught, then its all on you and its not good!) and decided I'd prefer to work under someone else and have done that since, but still appreciate the extra knowledge learned from getting both of the licenses. 

Main reason in my mind for getting at least an agent's license, besides the knowledge you'll learn from the coursework and needed to pass the exams, which may not be as tough as the bar exam, but aren't easy by any means, is that once you get hooked up with a RE firm then you'll then have MLS access, which I find to be priceless for making decisions as an investor, even with all of the info now available to anyone via the net on the various RE websites. You can pick from all sorts of firms that are always looking for agents and they vary widely in what they ask of their agents. That's another discussion, but the one I'm with for instance, requires me to do basically nothing as far as office work, manning the phones, etc while others may.

So, I'd highly recommend it and I took what was basically a "home study" course through Robbins and Lloyd, a local company that's been around for decades and I think is still there, but that was over 10 years ago! I liked their course though because I was able to do my reading and studying on MY TIME and never had to go to a classroom for anything, although that's something to consider too, if you take a classroom type class with a great instructor, he/she may pass along all sorts of good info you don't get in a book or online course. Good luck with it!

@Robert Taylor  

Wow thank you for replying with all that great info. I always favored the idea of "home" classes or online, but I tend to feel like I'm missing out on something. So I guess I have a tough decision to make in that aspect. And yes MLS access is the main reason I want to go this route. Being able to find deals on my own without having to depend on someone else.

@Adrian Chu

Thanks for that tip. I'm definitely going to check that out.  

No problem, I'd recommend now that we can often find online reviews of just about anything, checking out the reviews for the classroom type classes and if people are raving about a great instructor, maybe its worth a shot then. For me, the "study on your own time" deal was just fine, although you have to be sure to keep yourself motivated to study which I know isn't always easy for anyone, but certainly not impossible at all. Good luck!