First Maritime Post - NS Forum

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Since we now have Provincial sub-forums on BP, I am going to suggest we collapse them as follows:

- Atlantic Canada

- Québec

- Ontario

- Prairies & the North

- British Columbia

My argument for the collapse is there are not enough active BP members in the Maritime/Atlantic Provinces, Prairies and, certainly not, the Territories to warrant individual provincial/territorial forums.

I think it is also nice to keep province separate. Each province has its own set of rules and regulations. A lot of the provinces have very few posts in their subforms, but hopefully, each of them will grow into there own flourishing sub-community.

Maybe I'm too optimistic lol.

It’s good to see there are a few other locals here. Maybe there is hope it’ll pick up a little in the future, even if it is dead in here right now :).

@Roy N. maybe you can help me out here.  I can't find any of the Provincial sub-forums. Somehow, I found my local BC one last year, but I'm interested in tracking down some resources in Alberta and have spent hours trying to find an Alberta sub-forum and can't find it on the site. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

@John Humphries

They are there, but the "new" menu system seems to be malfunctioning.  When you go to Local Real Estate Forums, it shows you a short list of sub-forms {theoretically} close to you with a "View All Local Real Estate " forums option which should show you a screen with all the sub forums.  However, it does not appear to be working at this time.   

 @Mindy Jensen  is this gremlin on your list?