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First time poster but long time reader!

I love listening to real estate podcasts. Today I was listening to Real Estate Investing Mastery's latest one and heard them talking about a new Cris Chico postcard gaining high results from motivated sellers. I've used Chico postcards in the past and have found success.

Anyone know anything about his newest one?

Disclosure: I'm not a customer.

@Casey Steed -

I was wondering the same thing! Let me know what you find out and I'll do the same.

I am wondering the same thing, he called it the "3rd notice" postcard or something like that.

No such thing as secret weapon when it comes to mailing. If you think differently, you are a victim of their expertise marketing and ability to get you to open your wallet for their pseudo-insider secrets. I've been at this a while now and have attended well over 100 seminars. I've not learned anything 'new' or 'secret' yet. Everything you need is right on this site. You want sellers to call you? Mail them something. Talk to them when they call. Make them an offer after you talk to them. Miss any of those 3 steps and it just won't work.

Hi. I've been reading about Cris Chico myself and understand his system pretty well.

Yes, Aaron, the 3 steps are exactly what he does; however, he does them virtually. He is known online as the Virtual Wholesale master.

If you buy his system, you will get step by step instructions that he claims he is using in his business.

I haven't bought the system personally but have been reading and listening to him to understand what he's all about. He markets to absentee owners in strong markets (which he shows you how to find).

His Youtube channel has it all. If I buy it, I will surely post results. Especially if it helps others.

No doubt he and Sean Terry are very interesting wholesalers :-)

Thanks for the conversation. Let us know if you have tried Cris Chico's system.

I've been listening to Chris Chico for over 5 months now , but I haven't pulled the trigger in purchasing his system. Wasn't sure if it was worth it. I'm still very tempted though 

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