Great Home Insurance Agents in St Pete/Largo area

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Good Morning,

So far on the offers I have placed in Pinellas County, Insurance is proving to be an obstacle with the agents I have spoken to and the prices I have been quoted. State Farm will not do an umbrella policy because My father and I will both be on the loan/title (thinking of alternative ways to do this, advice would be great.) and they think it is too much exposure. 

Does anyone know of any insurance brokers/agents who they have worked with and can recommend? I am avoiding SFHA properties at the moment so flood insurance is not a worry. At the moment I am just hoping there are prices lower than what I have been exposed to. 3k a year for a 300k liability on a triplex changes the numbers a lot. It would be great if they ran quotes at a faster turn around than current turn around I am seeing as well, sometimes can take up to four days.

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