Biggerpockets Android App

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Yesterday i searched the play store for biggerpockets and found nothing. I know there's a BP app for iphones, but I'm curious. Is there a BP app in the making for members on android platform? If not, are there any plans about creating one? It would be great to have one!

Thoughts and feedback please!

I have an Android app for when I visit the White House.

It calls Obama and tells him I am down front.

@Joseph Ball

I know! That app is amazing! When i was in DC last year, I finally got a chance to use it.

Originally posted by @Joshua Dorkin :

We have plans to make something . . . but sometimes things take longer than you'd hoped.  I have no date at this time on this, unfortunately.

 Thanks Joshua! I'll be waiting patiently.

its funny I saw the same post 2013 about getting it for android  that would be nice maybe 60 percent of the people in here are on android that would be nice on the go in the car etc. 

BiggerPockets forums and profiles are currently mobile optimized for iOS and Android via a mobile browser and we're adding additional features little by little.  We don't currently have an app, but if you jump on your mobile browser and visit the forums, you will have a mobile experience.

@Joshua Dorkin  Joshua is such a hipster. I bet they have Macs at home. :P