How Social Media Impacts Your Business

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I have really started to take a more serious look at using social media to help brand and promote our business.  I have been watching YouTube videos on how to do help make improvements.  The sites I am focusing on are Twitter and YouTube primarily and also Facebook and starting Google+.   I also have someone that I have connected with here on BP to help work out some of the kinks in our website as there are some issues.  I have even started my own Podcast as another platform. I feel like we are on the right track but wanted to see if anyone out there who is selling property has had any level of success in reaching organic ( new ) buyers to your business because of social media.  

If you have would you please give a little info on maybe what social media site(s) it was and any info on how you used it to generate business would be great.  Just don't want to spend too much time or money on something that doesn't generate any business. 


@Curt Davis  Social media can be a great tool to help grow your business but its not a magic lead source. You can get by with not spending a lot of money, but it is definitely going to take you time, especially if you are starting at 0 with regards to followers. The most important part about social media marketing is creating and/ or sharing good content consistently. 

You are on track with starting things like a youtube channel and podcasts but if you are going to start these you want to commit to them. A lot of people create social media accounts because they are told they need them, not necessarily how to use them. Then some time passes and they are left forgotten. Next thing you know, you have all of these "dead" accounts. A potential lead stumbles across your twitter and sees that your last post was from 2 years ago...

I'm by no means saying that you will do this, I just want to point out that for you to be successful at this it is going to require time and effort (or you can outsource). 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I run the social media for my company and have a good amount of experience marketing for my personal blogs and business as well.

@John Steele

Thanks for the reply.  I am working to put out some great content currently.

I might reach out to you in a PM to get some feedback from you. Thanks


Hi Curt.  This is a terrific topic. Social media seems to be everywhere online and certainly worth utilizing to some degree.  @John Steele  makes excellent points in his post.  As with all business tools, the consistent use and application of one's knowledge about their tool of choice is what makes the difference. 

Social media is not complicated to understand. Rather, the expectations about the effectiveness of using it to increase or bring more clients to a business is where the controversy begins. Think of social media as an extension of the social interactions so easily done in day to day life projected to a wider audience.  Communicating with people, building relationships, and exchanging ideas happens naturally and we tend to forget that these are the activities that bring us business. 

Videos, podcasts and other forms of conveying our messages online about what we have to offer serves to enhance what we do naturally.  I say relax and use whatever form of social media with which you are most comfortable.  That will be the best way to share your business products and bring business to you because you may just use it on a consistent basis.

Helping my fellow investors where I can is my mission and I hope this post is of help to you. 

Your best web traffic will come from social media. Youtube is owned by Google and their content to get indexed quickly. This can happen in just a few minutes if you are tagging everything correctly. The secret is to set up an interested group of people and then spoon feed them content throughout the week. You will increase in web traffic and engagements every week. Compared to buying web traffic this can be very advantageous.

Make sure you look at the Twitter analytics too. They have improved over the recent months and can reveal a lot about you impact on your audience. This can tell you if you are hitting your mark or missing it completely. 

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