Investor Carrot vs. Lead Propeller

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Does anyone have an idea of which website is better at generating quality leads between investor carrot and lead propeller. Both cost the same amount so the price wont be an issue.

I've had some very good results using Investor Carrot.  It's turning out about 20 to 30 leads a month for me.  I got 2 deals out of it last month.  

I've had the service for coming in on 2 years now.  It took about 9 months before I started getting some good results.   

The sites are great and convert well, plus they have top notch support which is awesome to have.  I like the weekly webinars for members.

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@Sade Adejare To be honest none of them are good at generating leads. Heck not even one website online is good at generating leads. What generates leads is the overall marketing. You have to create an ready made marketing plan that works from content, seo, emailing marketing, research and more.

That car you buy looks real good, but it's not going anywhere until you get in and start driving. This is the same with any website is that you must get in and drive. Both platforms are great, because tons of my REI clients come to me with those sites.

They are missing the marketing side of it is the reason why most people struggle. To answer your question both worked bout the same, so just focus more on the marketing after you purchase one. 

Thank you Scott and Antonio. Your input is greatly valuable and would be helpful to me making quality decision.

Yeah, without marketing, the website wont do much.  InvestorCarrot is pretty great for what it costs, just know that's like buying a sign and sticking it in your garage.  You still gotta put the sign somewhere where people will see it.  I have no experience with lead propeller.

You can run an adwords campaign and get some leads from IC for sure, I like that since you can turn it up and off depending on how busy you wan to be. I got a way higher ROI when I first got mine than lately, think there are 20+ guys in Atlanta with investor carrot sites now. I'm buying to renovate, so only want so much at a time, so it still works. SEO is better, but will take some time and effort to see any results. The weekly support and archived marketing calls at Investor Carrot are a huge value ad. I did their SEO for almost a year and pretty much got ripped off, even after calling them out at the 6 month mark for not doing anything, so dont go in blindly buying stuff.

I agree with the comments here.  The website won't do anything unless you're marketing it.  That being said, some do convert better than others.

There are some similar threads on BP where people discussed this.

Hey @Antonio Coleman So when it comes to Marketing/driving your website... you are referring to just getting it out there in front of as many people as possible correct?Any good tips for (driving) a lead generating website?  Or is that question a little too generalized?  

Yo @Benjamin Blackburn

Wow..when it comes to driving traffic to your website by building that online presence it can be really time-consuming. Heck, this is the reason why most investors rather spend money on ads that give some sort of a return now.

Getting leads online is not easy, but with a great marketing plan, you could be moving the meter. The simple goal is to "Be Everywhere" online from soaicl media, search engies, Youtube and more. 

To get you started just Google "Need More Leads Real Estate Marketing Antonio," I wrote a good starter guide on the entire process. 

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