CRM systems: Which do you use? Would you recommend it?

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I have tried quite a few.

I now use Base CRM. Lots of great features and integrates with my websites and had a direct interface with Gmail and Linkedin.

I myself am familiar with SolveCRM - they have tight integration with Google Apps so its easy to do merged docs for mail-outs or run reports in Google Sheets with the info in the CRM. You can set it up to track your leads as they get through your business processes and report on the progress etc.

It integrates with online campaign managers like Mailchimp for online campaigns and you can see from within the contact page if the email was opened by the recipient etc. Also can be set up so anyone who enters information on your website is automatically added to the CRM database. I recommend the short webinar if you wanted to take a peek.

Personally, I think I'm addicted to Podio as a CRM.

It's really easy to configure, but the amount of things that you can do with it in combination with Globiflow or Zapier are almost limitless.

With Podio, you basically set up how you want your information stored. Leads go here, properties go here, deals go here. Then you use Globiflow or Zapier to connect this information with 'flows' or 'zaps'. Basically, things you want to happen with that data in Podio. Create a new task to call someone when this happens in Podio, send out a contract when this happens, filter calls that come in and show me the statistics..

There's also some nice groups on Facebook and Youtube videos with ideas on things to do and how to do them.

I've used SalesLogix, SageCRM, and Microsoft CRM.  Each one is pretty similar in what it does.  As far as usability, Microsoft CRM does integrate very well with Microsoft Outlook (of course). Emails incoming and outgoing can automatically be tracked to the account and accounts can be classified in many ways (Prospect, Customer, etc.)