Favorite SEO Resources

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I'm curious what SEO resources people would recommend. Does anyone have a favorite SEO blog or SEO Forum they like?

I can add more later but here's a few to start.

Digital Point
Very active and loaded with information

Brad Callen - I've read almost everything this guy writes. He's up to date and loves to teach. Developer of Seo Elite software. Here's one of his recent articles.

Joel Comm -- another guru. Used to work for google. Teaches all about how to effectively use google to succeed.

Mike Filsaime -- another guru. Author of Butterfly Marketing

The name says it.

Has some great free tools to analyze your site or a competitors.

Most of my links are on the home computer.

Okay, here's a few more.

Pretty active site with good basic information.

Hit Tail
This is a very new one that I am watching. Very interesting information on the "Long Tail". This one may be going places.

Keyword Discovery
This is a Word Tracker competitor and much better in my opinion. It is a pay service. It is much more thorough than Word Tracker.

I also watch some of the big names in Internet Marketing. This group of people know a ton about SEO and use it to their advantage. (advantage as in huge paychecks) You can learn alot about SEO/SEM by checking out what they do.

I read a really interesting article today about Social Bookmarking Optimization. It is probably the next really effective way to promote a site on the internet. Technorati and delicious have a huge presense on the web and it's changing the way search engines react.

:D Hope these help!

Hey Joshua,
Want to trade links? LOL

I've been looking at your articles section and you seem to be pretty thin on Mortgage Related articles. I have around 40 in my library. And they are very good, if I do say so myself! Would you interested in adding a few to your article library?

Also, my latest project is a Mortgage Search Engine that has taken months to build and fine tune. I am a full time Loan Officer and this engine works the way a Loan Officer does. I believe it will be the best available. The response to it has been encouraging (96 signups in the first month with no advertising). I think it would fit well in your Tools section.

Take a look and let me know what you think. If you think it could be a good fit for us both, I'll make sure you know when it rolls out.


I like to download podcast from:

Internet Business Mastery - Jay and Sterling

Internet Marketing Secrets - Michael Campbell

Internet Marketing podcast with Mike Filsaime

I listened to 2 episodes of the Mike Filsaime podcast today and also have a great interview with Mike Litman and Mike Filsaime that I have listened to several times.

I am reading the new book "The E Code" by Joe Vitale at this moment which is helping me as I work on my blog.

any feedback or comments on my blog would be much appreciated.

this past week - i have been listening to Jay Berkowitz - Ten Golden Rules of the Internet

i would highly recommend all of these podcast if your interested in setting up a website, blog, building traffic, SEO, and podcasting.

There is a free SEO tool at TrafficTravis

I particularly use the tool to find real estate keywords that are easier to rank on - the software will tell you whether it is easy to rank