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Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to pull cash sales out of MLS into a report (Excel) for specific zip codes. From everything i've read it sounds to be pretty straight forward. however my agent is saying it would take hours to do per zip code. Is there a standard way to write a report for MLS or does it differ by MLS in each region.



@Max Gomeniouk

Each MLS system is different.

As an example, my system here in NY has a flag for Mortgage Type, but I don't have a search parameter for it. That means I would have to do a data dump of all closed transactions for the town/zip and then sort it in a spreadsheet. But my MLS has a download limit of 500 transactions. So, it would depend on how far back you wanted to go and how many zip codes.

The flag shows Cash, Unknown, FHA, Conv, VA.

So, the data is there, just not so easy to pull it and we don't have report writing capability.

Most real estate agents barely know how to use a computer let alone write computer reports for a database.

Thanks @Christopher Phillips . Ultimately I would prefer a data dump and do slicing and dicing of the data myself. I’ll check with my agent on that.

Ask your agent if he/she can add financing type to the search criteria in that MLS. Lots of agents don't know they can do this. Some MLS systems may not have that feature, but most of the newer platforms are going to have that feature. Once they add that to the search criteria, then the agent should be able to pull cash sales only.

@Phillip Dwyer

Thanks for the suggestion. We got this far and we’re able to produce one report for one zip code but apparently it will take forever to repeat this task for 9 zip codes I need. Also it wasn’t an Excel but rather an online list of properties which is not easy to work with for data analytics 

@Max Gomeniouk

The data is there.

Usually, there is a drop down feature to add things to the criteria when doing a search. In my system, we have don't have a flag available for Mortgage Type in the drop down. So, I would have to run it as usual and then when I download select Full DB Download for the column information, which gets me 259 data columns.

If you're lucky, your local MLS will have the data readily available in the search. But don't expect the average agent to be able to pull it for you. Agents aren't computer people.

We use Metro MLS. I've been scouring their knowledge articles and don't see any info on their field names. My agent said they used to have a field for "financing" but not any longer. I guess I'll have to find other sources

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