Real Estate APIs and Data Science

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@Eddie Godshalk Your Project sounds very promising. I would like to hear more about your final output and what it will look like.

If I understand your question, I would say that ATTOM Data is a data warehouse that you may want to take a look at. They power RealtyTrac and I think they aggregrate Foreclosure, Tax, and neighborhood data, and property data from CoreLogic. At one time, they were offering up an API but I’m not sure about their pricing model.

If I had a Christmas List for an automated feed of data to use for my Real Estate Business, ATTOM Data would be at the top of it.

Interesting ideas. I'm a wantabe data nerd and developer. I had to hire developers. 

Attom data seems like the best API to get data for my need. If you buy more than 1 million records at a time via FTP they will reduce the price down to under a penny. Their MLS access is $3k per state or county (can't remember...I quit listening at 3k)

Attom Data's API calls are like .08 per call delivering hundreds of data points I didn't need. 

I went the scraping route on the county level. It has many challenges due to the fact no two counties are the same. This gives me the ability to also collect court records as other posters have mentioned. 

I guess it really depends on what data you are after. Mine was building dynamic evergreen data sets that are used to create lists.

or the latest real estate buzz word list stacking?

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