One of the most critical elements in establishing trust with clients is creating a valued brand. A brand is an emotional corporate image that an audience perceives as who you are, what you aspire to be, and what you promise to them. A brand is the story of a company, and gives the company a purpose and a foundation.

When creating a brand you need to be able to explain the benefits of the company, what differentiates you from competitors, and be able to provide quantifiable proof to your consumers. Once these elements have been established and are proven, following the seven characteristics of a successful brand is the next step.

The first characteristic is audience knowledge, meaning you must know the psychographics and demographics of the people you are targeting. The second is uniqueness. Defining what makes you better than your competitors. The third is passion, you must be fully devoted to your company and be an expert on the product you are selling. The fourth is consistency. You must stay consistent in your values, and develop a product that can span over generations instead of die out when a trend ends. The fifth is competitiveness. To be the best in your market, you must keep focused on your target audience and not try to be everything for everybody. The sixth is exposure. Research what media your audience is most interested in and get yourself on those sites. The final characteristic is leadership. To be a strong brand you must be able to be a leader by taking charge, and being innovative!

As a real estate investor, branding yourself should be part of the concise marketing strategy that drives your career and actively grows your business. Knowing the history and current trends in your industry is important, but knowing the local markets that you serve is key. You need to prove your credibility while developing mutually beneficial relationships within the industry.

I hope these tips help anyone looking to create their own brand, or just provide more insight on what the definition of a brand is.