Bay area investors!!

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Hey guys,

My wife has a business meeting in SF next week, so we are making a trip out of it. I will be in SF/SJ from Wed-Fri of next week and wanted to see if there are any investors who wanted to get together for lunch, coffee or something? We can network and discuss our local real estate markets.

Let me know if someone would be interested.



I'm interested. I'd love to get together to pick your brain. Coffee, lunch, or whatever you want.

Hi Sharad,

I'm in the Bay Area and just getting started in RE. I work in tech, not real estate, but I really want to get started with some buy-and-hold rentals. If you don't mind, please include me in your meet-up.



@Minh L. I was hoping you would reply. I enjoy reading your posts. I am booking my flights tonight and will let you know what day I will be available and it will be my treat :)

Hi @Eli Iceman welcome to BP!! I am only going to be in the area for couple of days and will let you know when I will be meeting Minh and you are most welcome to join.

@Sharad M. I was wondering if I can Join you sometime next week, although my schedule only permits after 6PM, (I work for a bank), It would be great to talk to you and anyone else about our market down here in the Bay Area.

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