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From Zero to 200+ Deals in Five Years with Sharad Mehta

From Zero to 200+ Deals in Five Years with Sharad Mehta

2 min read
The BiggerPockets Podcast

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Boom! Prepare to be blown away by this unbelievable interview with an investor who’s gone from nothing to more than 200 deals in just five years! You’ll learn how Sharad was able to find great deals, finance those deals, and build an investment portfolio that continues to grow no matter where lives or travels in the world. This show is one of the most humorous and most enlightening shows ever recorded on the BiggerPockets Podcast, so why are you still reading this? Listen to the show!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • BiggerPockets Podcast ArtworkThe story behind the $5,000 scholarship cheque
  • How Sharad’s love for saving money led him to buy his first property
  • Why he values bigger goals in life
  • The importance of focusing on the things that matter
  • The details of his first investment property
  • How he figured out what he wanted to do as real estate investor
  • How to start out without any formal education in real estate
  • Whether you should buy inexpensive properties or not
  • What A, B, and C-properties are
  • Why he invests in his area now
  • The importance of talking to local people to get a feel for the market
  • How he bought $65,000 worth of property with just $17,000 cash
  • How Sharad uses his time to find and analyze deals
  • A call simulation that’ll teach you how to achieve the bottom line
  • How to keep a good relationship with an agent
  • How many deals he has done
  • Sharad’s views on turnkey properties
  • The benefit of having 48 properties for rental free and clear
  • How he keeps his real estate business as simple as possible
  • Sharad’s role within his business
  • How his business works and how he automates it
  • How to trust your contractors
  • How to get discounts from Home Depot
  • And SO much more!

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  • “You have to make some sacrifices to achieve bigger goals in life.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you are motivated enough, you will get anything done — no matter what.” (Tweet This!)
  • “It all comes down to numbers. If the numbers make sense, I’ll buy it.” (Tweet This!)

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