Looking to start REI networking in Western MA (online/offline). I own a duplex and I'm learning about moving fojrward.

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I own a duplex and I'm learning about moving forward. Just sending out the feelers to see what's happening in western mass in terms of real estate networking. I'm getting ready to search for a flip project, 3 bedroom ranch or something similar. I have 10 years building experience so I can efficiently accomplish lots of demo/carpentry/finish projects. Just have to find the right deal and the time.


Hi Morgan, welcome to BP.

Sorry, not sure what the networking scene is like that far west. I'd make sure to be active here on BP to hook up with the many MA investors on here. Their are less as you get farther west but still plenty of them. More in the Springfield area but you are actually the 2nd person I got an alert on that is out in the Berkshires today so it seems like numbers are going out your way too.

How is the market out by you? The one thing you have to be pretty aware of when doing flips is how much people are buying retail. If your market is slower you have to be able to make the place nicer than anything else and still be able to price it below most of the competition.


Yes, this is a slow and pricey market, but the deals are out here. My issue is not finding a good deal, but rather the financing. I'm also researching the Hudson NY market, it's on the rise. If you know any Bershire peeps, please send then my way. I've got fam in Newton.

Any advice for literature on slower REI market?

Thanks for replying, take care

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