Local insights on the Warner Robbins Georgia market

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I invest a lot in SFH in Atlanta and have quite a bit of family that still lives in Macaon area as well as Warner Robbins.

To me both of these markets are sordof down, if it was me it would be a little hard to put my money down there.

Again, I am sure like every market I am sure there are several good pockets and if you could find some good local guys they could probably help you better. I was there in Macon just this last Saturday and literally told my wife while we were driving that I would not invest down here.

Just my two cents, hopes it helps.


Hi Jeff,

Yes I am familiar with that market. I have put offers on various multifamily there 54,70,110 units with some of my buyers.

What property are you currently looking at?? I might have already looked at it before.

Warner Robbins has some nice areas there which I consider better than Macon. Macon has some decent areas but then some really rough ones.

As apartment buildings go there is great yield there. I would rather own buildings there than in the crap hole stuff they are selling in downtown Atlanta for apartments where stuff is from the 1960's etc.

Warner Robbins is heavily dependent on military base rentals but there is also a bunch of corporate businesses there so not a one economy town. I know some of the owners there of the larger properties and also the better PM apartment company for the area.

You are dealing with B to C areas and C buildings. Occasional domestic disturbance at the building but not the hardcore crimes so is fine for a C building.

I would have to know the area you are looking at for the building and the cap rate to tell you if it is a good price or not for the area.

I don't like one industry towns so I am interested in other employers in the area. Is the area stagnant or is there growth. @Joel Owens I am interested in the crime levels in the area. I will look farther into the demographics, but I do respect your opinion.

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