Any Investors Near Oxford Ohio

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I am looking for some local insight into the college town of Oxford Ohio.  Please let me know if you are familiar with the area.


@Jeff Greenberg  

I hope you are doing well.  I am very familiar with the area.  I grew up about 20-25 mins away from the campus.  Are you looking at a deal in the marketplace?  

No, is there one on the marketplace.  I am not sure where my assistant found the property I am looking at.  It is a student housing property.  So what to you think of the oxford area.

@Jeff Greenberg  

Great demand generator with a student body which almost entirely lives on or near campus (somewhat out there for a commute).  It's actually a really good school & attracts well educated talent from across the midwest & country (with a decent affluent base).  However the university has changed the dynamics of the student housing industry by requiring 1st & 2nd year students to live on campus (started it around 2008-09 if I remember correctly).  I think the off campus housing took a hit & went through a mini-correction.  However past 2-3 year performance should be indicative of the current environment.  I might be interested in the deal as well.  Feel free to shoot me a call to discuss. 

If you are still looking in three years I know of two house on the same property that will be for sale

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