General Contractors in AZ

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My wife and I are just getting started in local area on Fix/Flip and Rehab's and we are looking for investor friendly General Contractors in the Tucson, AZ area.  I'm looking for General Contractors that have the following attributes:

Schedule and Timeliness orientated, that can work with and lead Sub-Contractors to accomplish Rehab on time and budget.

Quality Work on Rehab to prevent call backs.

Reasonable on Price and paid on installments or milestones.

Licensed, Liability and Workman's Comp Insured for him and any Sub-Contractors used to complete Rehab.

Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated in order to save time and money for our Fix/Flips. We are just getting started in the area but I will gladly pass on any contacts I have in the future as we do more Fix and Flip or Rehab work in the Tucson area.

Jerry T.

Fix/Flip, Rehabber

Finding good contractors has always been difficult, its the hardest part of this business, and with new home builders working again they are sucking up a lot of the quality people and driving up prices. Good luck!