Richmond, VA Real Estate Advise

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Hello Bigger Pockets,

My name is Vince. I've been listening to the bigger pockets podcast for a couple weeks now and am looking to make the first steps in investing. Is there anyone in the Richmond, VA area that I could meet up with for coffee (or beer) on me. I would like to gain a more in depth look into the community and would also like to add some value to your investment/time. Thank you!!


Hey Vincent. I'm in the Richmond area and have purchased 10 SFH. I'm not quite in the big leagues yet but trying to get there soon! have you gone to any real estate meetings? If not, download the "meetup" app and search for some. I go to them frequently and always learn something!

Hey guys, 

A co-worker (from Chester) and I are teaming up to start real estate investing in the Richmond area as well. I just moved to Henrico county from Fredericksburg, where I just sold my live-in-flip. I have 12 years of plumbing/electrical experience, and I know many facets of residential remodeling. I am now an accountant for a state agency, and I am just tired of working for others and having nothing to show for it. We went to our local REIA meeting last week and met some good contacts pretty quickly. We are likely going to fix and flip a couple SFH's to start, and then buy and hold moving forward (all depends on the deal and location of homes though). Let me know what you guys are doing, and maybe we can collaborate or share deals if they aren't the right fit for our personal needs/wants. Have a good day.