Hudson valley real estate meet up

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Hello BP ers ,

My name is Eric Helbock. I have been investing for a handful of years and I feel like I’m starting to do well with investing in real estate. I’m not ready to quit my day job yet but I am making almost all my goals. 

I would like to do a local meetup, I am in poughkeepsie, ny area. Hudson Valley. 

My thoughts is a monthly meet up, we could have a speaker or even just networking. I meet so many amazing people in real estate and I am hoping I can help you guys meet some amazing people as well

“-Investing in Real Estate Hudson valley-“

If you want to Join us that would be great.

3 of the 4 deals I did this summer I couldn’t have done with out networking 

Deal1 -a guy I met at a Reia meeting helped me make a list that lead to me buying a 15 unit in aug. 

Deal 2 -a  guy I met at newburgh meetup wholesaled me a deal in July

Deal 3 and deal 4 -I bought from same guy who I cold called but a nice woman lent me money , I meet her from the local Reia.  Deal 3 -I paid for with my own money. 

I hope to see you all soon, contact me if your interested.  Thanks Eric

@Eric Hrlbock Hey Eric, would love to connect! There's already a group that meets in Poughkeepsie (mid hudson valley reia) that meets every 3rd Wednesday, and there's also a new meet up in Kingston (my main area of investment) that just started. Its called the Ulster County Real Estate Investors Group and meets every 4th Thursday in Kingston at Artbar, and the group can be found on facebook under UCREIG. Let me know if you want more info, or what you have planned, would love to connect and discuss helping you reach your goals. 

Thanks Jared,

I am also a member of the Reia that meets on 3rd weds of the month.  I would like to have a meet up no cost to members. I go to a meetup in Newburgh on the 1st weds of the month that is free and it is networking and a local speaker.  That is what I am thinking.  I would love for you to join. And I think I will try and make it to the kingston one as well just to get a feel.  

Hope to see you there 

Hi Matt that’s great. 2nd weds 6 pm 

Once I find a location I’ll enter it in the group.  It will be good to finally meet you.  Eric 

Not computer savvy  but the link above allows you to join group that way I can contact everyone at once. 

@Eric Hrlbock , yes I'd love to come to the meeting. The one in Kingston is free to attend as well, just a great networking event with guest speakers/education (no one trying to sell anything) as well. Looking forward to meeting up!

@Eric Hrlbock @Jared Gettinger always good to see people talking about The Hudson Valley and especially Newburgh.....Kingston and Poughkeepsie too! 

If you want to come to the Newburgh Meetup and promote anything always welcome.

The Newburgh Meetup is definitely Newburgh centered.  It’s free and very casual. All welcome. 

@Account Closed Thanks John, I'll try to make my way over the the Newburgh meeting one of these days. Definitely check out the Kingston meeting if you're every around (find it on meetup under ulster county real estate investors group, or fb as UCREIG). Looking forward to talking soon! 

Hi @Eder Aldana , sure, it's all public info. Just google Mid Hudson Valley REIA for their website, check out facebook or meetup for UCREIG in Kingston, Newburgh info can be found on BP (ask @Account Closed ), and if there are any others I'm missing, anyone is welcome to chime in... best of luck to you, hope to see you out there!

We meet last weds with real property abstract title company, speaking about tax foreclosure auctions. It was a great meeting and I’m hoping anyone interested comes next month, 2nd weds at 6 pm at the ice house. 

Thank you for starting this meet up! I’d love to come to the next one on November 14th! I may be a little late to it if that is all right, I’d be coming right from my real estate class to get my license in NJ. 

David that would be great. The last one was a good one. Paul Conrad and misty of real property abstract came an spoke about tax foreclosures. We had a nice group.  

I also host meet-ups about Newburgh, NY down in DUMBO, Brooklyn. 

Next one is November 4th!