Investors in my area

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I've recently moved to Gilroy CA. I have yet to meet any investors or agents on BP that are from this area. If you're in Gilroy, Hollister, or Salinas market. I'd love to connect with you and hopefully have a lasting relationship. 

Looking forward to meeting you all!

@Jeet Sangha yea pleasure to meet you too. We should get on the phone when ever your available to talk about plans goals and see what we can help each other with. I’m not a professional in the business like a mention before I’m a newbie but eager to learn more

@Jeet Sangha

Hi Jeet,

I am currently looking into getting into the investing portion of the Morgan hill to Hollister areas. With Gilroy being right in the middle I would be interested in see what kind of deals are to be had. Please let me know if you would be interested in setting some time to talk.



@Jeet Sangha

Jeet, Aaron here with Marcus & Millichap. I’m an apartment broker based in Sacramento. I cover the Northern half of California. I specialize in affordable housing, but I do market rate apartments, too. Nice to meet you.