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I already have a price in mind. If you were to offer $100,000 cash and $2,000 a month for thirty years, how much real estate would you expect to purchase?

$2,000/mo, 30 years, 4.5% interest, is P&I for a loan of just under $400k.

i can do the numbers. I was just wondering what others thought? $500,000? $600,000? $700,000? Lets say total rent was $6,000 momthly.

Not sure. I understand the question. I guess it would vary on what interest a seller would want on their money, assuming you're talking about a seller carry?

I would say about 325k.

$625K. $100K down, $525K at 4.5% amort. 30 years, interest only for 3 years at 2K/month. What did I buy?

this package is seven single family houses

What's the asking? Is it currently fully rented or is the $6K a projection? Condition?

Marie, all fully rented with a twenty plus year rental history. Five are in your neck of the woods, Fresno, Visalai and Tulare.

Mike is this a deal someone presented to you? Or is this your portfolio forsale?

A possible deal presented to me.

Sounds interesting. I live in Visalia own properties in Visalia and Fresno if you go forward with the deal and visit let me know if you want a free cup of coffee.


sounds interesting. I personally would want to know the area and demographic. That is very important because the areas are spotchy!

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