Is anyone building high end spec homes on Westside

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I'm about to start a project (SFR) in Bel Air and would like to talk with other spec builders who have built in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica.



@Allan Glass  There's a ton of new construction happening around the Beverly Center between Melrose and 3rd on to San Vicente. Have you considered stopping by or snagging some phone numbers from the posted signs? That's how my wife and I have been making contractor contacts. 

I'm curious to hear more about your new build. I've seen a lot of land in Bel Air as of late - are you building on a tear down or an empty lot? I hope you'll share more of your experiences with the permitting process, dealing with the hillside ordinance (if it applies to you), and the overall process. That's really interesting.

@Joshua McGinnis I'm specifically looking for active spec builders on the westside. I'm in the planning stages with my architect and deciding how big to build, which amenities to add / leave out.

I'm hoping to talk with someone who's gone to market, recently sold, etc to get some current market feedback.

@Allan Glass  Have you asked your real estate agent to get you comps?  Once you have the comps you can easily pick out the new homes, find the owners and builders and go from there. 

Here's a link I think some of you might find interesting. It addresses the number of homes being built in different areas. It's from Builder Online. Builder Online Article

@Allan Glass  We are somewhat in the same boat. We are builders, building spec in San Clemente. However; the area that we are in hasn't had any new construction in quite some time. But, within a few blocks there's a new outlet mall going in, along with some very high end residential (one of the largest developers in the country bought it and lot costs are over $700,000 each)

The lot we are building on has ocean views but is an infill lot, with varying sizes of homes. We're betting on it being new, with ocean views, and close to beaches, on the ocean side of the 5 will give it a lot of value. How much? We'll see! 

Good luck in your ventures! 

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