Jacksonville Air Bnb

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BP Community - who has properties in Jacksonville, FL that they do vacation rentals (air bnb) with? My questions for all of you are:

What kind of vacancy rate do you have every month?

Are certain parts of the year better, vacancy wise, or can you consistently get vacation renters in all year long?

Do you prefer this type of renting over long term renting?

Hi @Thea Linkfield

I don't personally own any Air BnB vacation rentals however I did sell an off-market condo to a gentleman who apparently buys/owns a lot of 1 bedroom condos throughout Jacksonville to be used as Air BnB and short term rentals. 

Are you considering doing a BnB yourself?

BE CAREFUL with AirBnB at the beaches.  I live in Atlanta Beach and they send out a community news letters that specifically say,  "there are no short term rentals in AB" and give a phone number to rat our your neighbors.  I expect Neptune will follow suit.  Jax Beach is the most likely to allow it, they are the largest and in many ways the most open minded.  However, that could change at any moment.