Seller not responding to inspection requests

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I’m either dealing with a stubborn seller or a shady seller’s agent/broker. Placed offer on decent duplex. Inspection report found issues including roof, railing not up to code, electrical issues, and other smaller items. We asked to have the electrical issues repaired and railings brought up to code. Seller not responding and seller agent not doing her job. She procrastinated to the last day which forced us to terminate the deal. My agent suggested we terminate and renegotiate. Any advice?

Fight for it or let it go? Other than inspection issues, the house is a bargain.

Do you know the costs associated with these items you requested? The issue is, the seller has no obligation to give or fix anything. Your agent should be having discussions with the listing agent once the requests have been sent, and following up as often as needed. At this point is your deal completely off and the house relisted? If not, I would probably try and get in touch with the listing agent (through your agent I guess) and see where the seller is. 

to me another reason to put my offer in with the listing agent

Update: we renegotiated and the seller knocked $1500 off the purchase price. Not nearly enough to cover around $5000 in issues but we also found out we’re purchasing equity so we went with it. Buyer beware of slacking listing agents I guess.

congratulations @Denise Pauzano

The seller is most likely not as motivated as you, and knows you're getting a good deal. And you made a good choice by knocking off the price instead of having them fix certain issues.

Even if they agree to fix anything, it's most likely going to be the cheapest route and not to your expectations. 

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