Where do You Buy Your Kitchen Cabinets In Baltimore ?

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Hi guys,

I have been buying my cabinets this place in Dundalk ( I don't know the rules, if I should use the name or not), decent price, good quality, I think a lot of  flipper use their products as well.

I heard that there are similar companies, around Baltimore ,good price, good quality products.

I want to look at different products and see their prices, so I can compare and even use it as a negotiation tool.

Please let me know  what company you use to buy your cabinets in Baltimore?

( I will have to renovate 8 small to mid size kitchens very  soon, so any help is appreciated) 


Hey @Ozzy Sirimsi

We buy cabinets and countertops, and have them both installed by Panda Kitchen and Bath in Laurel. They are very reasonably priced for the quality. They're much nicer quality than in-stock cabinets at the big box stores for not that much more in cost.

They measure on-site and do a free design consult. They're in and out in a day for the install. My only complaint would be that they're sometimes a little sloppy on the install (such as using drywall screws for hanging) -- for the most part they do fine, but I'm very particular when it comes to quality and details. This is not a big enough deal to not use them, though. 

The service is very convenient since you get decent cabinets and countertops, all installed in a day for a reasonable price.

Good luck with the new project!

@Ozzy Sirimsi We use castle wholesalers in 21223 and Zeskinds which I believe is also in SW Baltimore.  I am not sure when or why we choose one over the other. 

Yes you can mention a company, you can not mention your own company and services.

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