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Hi guys! I'm just starting out and very excited and motivated! Is there a place online, or in person where I can find how much a property was sold for on auction? I know it was in foreclosure and then on and sold, and now it's being sold  much higher but I can't figure out how much this investor bought it for. I am in Fairfield County area in CT. Thanks so much!

@Pierina Bustamante - Depending on your state it should be on any real estate website such as Zillow, redfin, etc. under the price/tax history.  Sometimes it takes a little while for the "recently sold" to cycle for the system. and Hubzu won't release the purchase price.....only way is to be watching the auction as its happening.

Hi @Pierina Bustamante I'm always browsing Zillow, they will show the sale price, but yes it may take some time to update.  I'm always amazed at how well some investors do when they buy a home substantially below market, add a few dollars, and boom it's back on the market in less than a year from the their purchase, much higher.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! It's pending sale right now :( 

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