Hello, My wife and I want to starting making business moves and start flipping homes. We've been listening to the podcast and have learned so much. When something seems confusing we do the research to learn. Now we want to start producing, and build a team! The following is what we can offer: Over $110,000 cash $17,000 in credit line at a home improvement store (thinking about opening another credit card which will probably offer the same line of credit) Our home has around $80,000 in equity. We both have great credit scores. I have a friend who’s a Realtor and has flipped three homes and is now in wholesaling. He doesn't have a vast amount of knowledge but definitely more than us. We know a few things have gone wrong in his flips, therefore he can teach us the basic of Do's and Don'ts. My wife and I would like for him to team up with us by providing knowledge. He would not have to do the hands on but just guide us through the process step by step, we are willing to put in the work. What percent should I offer from my ROI? Also, what advice can be shared with us?