How to get an agent help with ARV + Rental price?

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What is a creative way to form a relationship with an agent, where they can help you quickly figure out ARV and potential rents for a wholesaling deal?

I have few deals that come my way from a wholesaler without renovation price, ARV, and rents, and I need some help to do a quick analysis and make an offer, before sending out my people to the actual property?

First, make sure you are picking the right agent that knows what they are doing. Second, make sure you are forming a true relationship where you are not "using" the agent. Make sure that agent is getting your business and referrals. We work with quite a few investors where we do exactly what you seek, but they also are loyal to our real estate arm. Sit down and have coffee with one of them and tell them what you seek. You might be surprised that they might be very happy to help. I hope that helps.