What am I doing wrong

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I have been sitting here analyzing properties on the MLS and haven't came across not 1 property that has a potential to produce positive cash flow. is this a sign that the market isn't in my interest to invest in? I know there are deals to be found but I am not even getting potentials because the numbers are way off. I live out here in New milford CT. Please help!


Actually, what you're doing is probably correct...not wrong.  Wrong would be investing in a property that has negative cash flow.  What you have found is/are markets that you shouldn't invest in.  If the market you are analyzing doesn't have any properties that work, then find a different market.

Keep in mind you are not looking for properties, you're looking for deals.  Properties are numbers with Street names behind.  Deals are numbers with Dollars signs in front...and most importantly, with a plus (+) sign ALWAYS in front of that.

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@Joe Villeneuve thank you for your feedback. Any advice on strategies to learn about other markets?

MArket analysis is a science.  There's a lot to it.  Focus on what you appear to be doing now, as far as looking at numbers with $$$ in front.  Analyze for potential profit and/or positive cash flow based on comps of common properties in a specific micro-market in the general market you are analyzing.