Becoming a Real Estate Agent?

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So I work as a inside sales specialist currently, and my colleague that sits next to me does RE Sales on the side at the job we work together (he’s working himself up to go full time with RE)

Doing RE agent has interested me before and I’m more interested in it now. Is it worth it? I’m sure the question is asked all the time...and when it comes to schooling I was considering doing the RECO course at HUMBER college? Any college better than others? Any way to get reimbursements as it’s not covered under OSAP

Hi Cameron.  It is definitely worth becoming a Real Estate agent.  I have done this career for 18 years now.  And it is a blast and pays well.  You can only take the course at Humber college.  It is not offered elsewhere.

For reimbursement, there is not really a plan other than to sell your first client and collect a commission that will cover your costs.

Good Luck - connect with me if you want to chat.  

@Cameron Chambers

I would say go for it. There is no cap on how many sales you can do as an agent whereas you are pretty much stuck with where you are at being an ISA. If you have the passion for it and are willing to give it all you got, do it.

In Wisconsin we just have to take a pre license course then the exam. No college is involved.

never chase the money, chase your passion. If you love doing real estate then go after that. If you're just more passionate about doing more transactional sales or selling tech etc. then focus on those avenues. The money will always come when you find your passion as you'll do your best work.

I'd recommend it! I'm in the same boat as you (currently full time W2 employed) but I just became an agent & got my first duplex. If your job approves of it and you have the free time to manage it, go for it. 

For the most part its worth it.  If you are actively making purchases or helping others doing so its worth it.  But it can be costly to maintain with insurance, continuing ed, and local realtors dues.