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Hi fellow BP members,

has anyone ever use to try to fund or participate in an investment project? 

I just sign up now and they said they will contact me to verify further information. They are making you give out your social, DOB and bank account number. That makes me feel unsafe

Let me know if anyone tried them out already. They got feature in entrepreneur magazine so i am thinking they should be valid

Thank you,


@Huy N.  Assuming you're viewing Asset Avenue as a funding source, I think it is fairly normal for a lender to request information like social and DOB at some point if they are going to lend money on a project. I know the company as a competitor/colleague in the space and they are a good, high quality company, very professional with good underwriting practices. Hope this helps.

@AdaPia DErrico  ,

Thanks for the comment. I actually called them up. They primarily buy large loan and then cut the note into small chunk so that we could do note investing as long as 5 or 10k. interesting concept.

Disclosure: CEO of AssetAvenue

AdaPia, thanks for the kind remarks. And Huy, it was great chatting with you the other day. Feel free to get back in touch if you have any questions! Happy to get you started whenever you're ready.



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