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Does anyone know the name of a title company that will provide me access to property profiles for Texas.  I'd need to look up information of current owner, last price paid on a property, previous owners, previous prices, square footage, etc.  I get this information for free here in Los Angeles, California I'd like to be able to get this same type of free service for the Texas area.

@Nanette Miller

No you will not be able to get the info from a title company in Texas

Most counties in Texas have a website to search data through their Appraisal District website.  Most will contain most of the data you are looking for including square footage and and current owner and possibly previous owner

NONE will contain sales or previous sales prices. Texas is a non-disclosure state meaning that sales prices are not disclosed. The only place to obtain sales information is the MLS if the property was sold through a Realtor using the MLS.

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So sounds like I'd need to contact an agent to get current/previous sales prices, is that correct?  If I do, can you provide a Realtor that I could contact if you know of any good ones?  Thanks.

@Nanette Miller

We both live in really big states ! lol There are dozens of MLS systems in Texas. Can you narrow it down a little bit to area you are looking at ?

If the property was sold in the last few years through the mls, then an agent is the way to go to find out info.

If not then the county appraisal district's website will provide you with the current owners name, sq footage, and current taxable value. Once you know the owners name you can then go to the County Clerk's site and find out info on any properties they have owned as well as any judgements or liens they may have.

The deeds will tell you the amount that was financed. There is really no way to know how much money they put down, but it does give you a general idea of what they paid and the date. If they paid cash there is really no way to know if it was done outside of the mls.

Some counties have great websites where you can find out almost anything about people and their properties. Others you will have to go to the courthouse and dig. Hope that helps.

Thanks Greg for your help with me wanting to find a Realtor in Texas.

Won't need one at this time because the potential seller changed her mind.

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