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Thank you to everyone that has worked with us previously for the positive & constructive reviews. 


Originally posted by @Danny Randolph :

Where are you getting 25% for management expenses?  That's completely unrealistic! 

The exact quote: "What's realistic is 20-25% of the rents for property management (if you decide to go with one), repairs and vacancy" 

Going with 5% vacancy, 5% repairs, 7% capex and 8% management gets you to 25% in a hurry. And that's being a tad aggressive.

I'm researching RentToRetirement right now - specifically in Ohio and on the positive side, the homes look to be in good shape (going by the pictures) and truly being turnkey. Three downsides thus far (all numbers related):

1. Their expenses are too low (as a few have mentioned above). That will severely impact the advertised ROI.

2. All models use $2k closing costs on financed deals; that's not realistic. Count on at least $5k, otherwise you're fooling yourself.

3. My software is having a difficult time matching current values, I'm coming in lower. That is a big concern.

 Numbers 1 and 2 are changes I can do and make determinations based on my figures. Number 3 is more problematic. 

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@Tchaka Owen @Danny Randolph Thanks for the input. As we have not had the opportunity to speak yet, I do suggest you schedule a time to review specifics with me on our company operations. Thank you for the kind & positive feedback on the OH properties! We definitely strive to offer exceptional turnkey investment opportunities for our investors! As far as the numbers are concerned, these are not arbitrary estimates as we have the ability to look at our current portfolio performance to pull data from concerning expenses. I think neighborhood class has a big role in what to expect for expenses. Danny, who you quoted has purchased multiple homes with us, so previous investors will be the best resource to see how their true experience has been so far. To your lender closing cost question, I'm afraid you may have been overpaying for your loans likely. We have lenders we can recommend that will bring those closing costs very close to the $2,000 price point ($500 origination fee, $500 appraisal, roughly $600-$700 title fees, $300 inspection if you choose to do one). That is where the $2K is coming from, so we do have justification to back up some of these estimates. The only other down at closing would be any pre-paid taxes/insurance that we account for in our monthly expense breakdown. I'm more than happy to have a follow up conversation with you to go into greater detail of course. Please just message or email with some times to set up a call.

Also, here is a good link to a forum discussion with many investors that have worked with us:

Looking forward to connecting.


Yes, I agree with Zach on my properties. I used their recommended lender which was significantly cheaper than other lenders I've received quotes for. As far as expenses go, for the first few years of the investment hopefully there are little to no vacancy, and minimal maintenance. That has been the case for me. I'm sure over time there will be some vacancy & maintenance just by the nature of owning rental real estate. So things will probably average out, but generally my portfolio has been performing better than initial projections. Thanks again for all the help & great service Zach! Looking forward to continually expanding my portfolio to reach those passive income goals!

@Zach Lemaster - not sure what they're doing with the numbers, however I'm sure it's not $2000 for closing costs. I used to be a lender and I've seen all sorts of you remember "no cost" refinances? They had a cost and the customer paid it. If the lenders you mention aren't charging a processing or underwriting fee (or both), then it's being built into the loan via rate. Lenders need to make money too. $600-700 title fees is reasonable, then you add title search, owners title policy and government stamps, transfer, etc. It's not going to be $2000...and it will be even higher if the lender requires a survey. Note: we're talking true closing costs, prepaids and escrows are a separate thing.

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Instead of having this back and forth on this thread, I encourage you to inquiry on your own with lenders.  As you know, there are three things you need to consider when looking at loan quotes (rates, fees & points).   I think you'll be pleasantly surprised on what the rates/fees they are currently offering.  Of course rates vary daily, so anyone else looking at this thread in the future please be conscious of the date this was posted.


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@Ed Dugan Not typically unless you are purchasing multiple properties at once, which most investors do actually. We do our best to price homes appropriately to meet investor cash flow & ROI requirements. Ideally the prices are slightly below market value to allow the investor to have some initial equity.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly Ed with any other questions.  I typically like to start with an initial phone consultation to learn more about your investment goals, and to explain all that our company has to offer.

Please let me know if this is something you would like to do.



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I'm currently being guided by Zach on my first couple of turnkeys. The process so far has been smooth and can't wait for everything to close in the next month. Zach has been very helpful to me despite being a very busy individual, so i appreciate him taking out the time to go over every aspect of the process. Not to mention the added gems he drops regarding other aspects of investing. At the moment he is mentoring me on the strategy of investing through my self-directed IRA, which i don't know a whole lot about, but will be considering for my next couple of purchases. From what i have gathered, Zach has a passion for helping people reach their dreams of financial freedom and as i get further along in my career, i can only say that Zach's help will undoubtably be priceless. So, all and all i recommend first time and seasoned investors to give Zach and his team a chance to not only increase your cashflow but to broaden your knowledge of the RE investment space!

Thank you in advance @Zach Lemaster for everything!


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@Kalen Jordan

Thank you for the interest! As with all social media today, people can pretty much say whatever they would like with little to no validity. I encourage you to pay attention to investor experiences that have actually worked with us over the years to get a true gauge of expectations from authentic clients. We have many satisfied investors that we have worked with for many years, and have very large portfolios. I've included some links below for you to reference with discussions from previous clients. Please let me know if you are interested in scheduling an initial consultation to learn more about the services we have to offer, and to discuss your investment goals in detail.



Thanks Zach! Understood. Btw I noticed you don't list vacancy rates for the KC property listed on your site? Also can't find vacancy rates on deptofnumbers for KC - what vacancy rate are you seeing?

Update: sorry I see the numbers now in the word doc - because they are in an image they didn't come up when I did a text search :)

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@Kalen Jordan

We do list vacancy rates in all of our pro formas.  I believe you need to click on the actual links to the full inventory page that has a very specific breakdown of each property.  Those are live google documents that are a real time inventory.  Sounds like you are just on the general page with example properties.  Next step would definitely be to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.  Please let me know if you would like to do this.

Looking forward to connecting!


I recently started working with Rent To Retirement (Specifically Zach), thus far he has been professional and a wealth of knowledge. Im strongly considering making my first real estate purchase with him. I appreciate everyone that provided their experience with R2R and the advice, in general.

@Larry Ray  

I've purchased three properties with R2R last year, and have been very impressed with the performance so far!  I'm currently under contract to purchase 2 more with plans to hopefully get to 10 doors by this time next year.  I originally learned about their platform from a work colleague who purchased many rentals over the past five years with them and has been very successful.  Zach has been tremendous to work with, and has definitely been a huge help in advising on topics like tax strategies, LLCs & the best markets for cash flow.  If you are considering working with them I would recommend it.  They have a great team all around!