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Hello Forum . . . I've done a bit of looking around here for reviews of Rent to Retirement - a turnkey company.

Anyone have recent experience?  I'm considering my first investment with a turnkey company and considering a property they have on offer.  Any other experience with turnkey's that I should consider?

Thank you,


(a more passive investor than I would like to be; but otherwise busy in my day job for the time being.)

@Charity Hanif - this isn't much help but I have talked to Zach, he was helpful on the phone and very up front about answering any questions you will have. I am on their list and get updates regularly with new properties plus he posts most of them here as well as @Mirasol Aninon posts for them as well. I did find some positive comments about them when I was doing my research as well which helped put them on the short list to actually reach out to and have a conversation with.

I just research their deals as they come up. They are heavy in Memphis more than the other markets they have listed on their website (Birmingham is getting more traction). Also as always make sure to run your own proforma's. I feel their estimates for vacancy and repairs are very low @3%  and nothing is accounted for capex so my calculated cash flow is always a bit lower than what they have.

Never bought from them. I did look into th briefly. If I’m recalling correctly I decided the homes were too expensive for the areas they were in.

I have bought turnkey in Memphis and I do think I overpaid for one of them, I’m still not the most expensive sale in the area so I didn’t overpay by much. Lol.

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@Charity Hanif I'd strongly urge you to go visit your market and meet with your provider before purchasing. It's easy to make a house look like something it isn't on paper. Pictures can be very deceiving.

Nothing can really replace visiting your market, meeting people and checking out houses. You'll feel a lot better about your purchase. Or maybe you'll decide not to purchase. 

@Jason Carter would be easier if I wasn't currently working in Africa :) . that is the hitch - keep assets uninvested until I get 'home' or wade through the options remotely and be completely overwhelmed by the prompts and messages from here on bigger pockets.  

@Charity Hanif - These forums are easy to lose your initial question as you tend to get advice from all over the place, and often not even related to your initial question.  I would urge you to speak with individuals who are experienced in the specific area you requesting.  So I will try my best to address your initial question.

I have invested with Rent To Retirement (mainly working with Zach), and bought 3 properties so far.  I would say generally I've been very happy with my experience, and I do plan to purchase more.  The thing that stuck out the most about them over other turnkey operations is the personal time Zach was able to spend on the phone with me strategically planning how we can reach our financial goals via RE investing.  For instance, we bought the first two using conventional lending.  For the third we were able to be creative and set up a SDIRA to purchase the 3rd increasing our cash flow even more.  Zach spent hours on the phone with us to make sure we were on the right path.  He has his local partners that work in each market to make sure you are in the right hands.  I also know he is an experienced investor himself and has a personal portfolio in each market he works within, which adds credibility in my book.

If you want more specific investor reviews I would look at his profile references.  He has better reviews than most other turnkey companies I've seen.  If you would like to know more specific info from me, just send me a PM.  I've sent you a colleague request.

Would you buy a car without test driving it? Would buy a house without walking it and doing a proper inspection? The answer is pretty clear. 

As newbie to the world of real estate I can't fathom people investing in properties without ever seeing it in person. Having in person conversation about valve (or rehab cost) is massive.   

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@Royston Lobo I actually didn't.  I was looking at something he was offering in the Chicago market.  Most of his stuff didn't have the returns I wanted, and the one that would have, had no flexibility in the management agreement.  The management agreement was unlike anything I've experienced with other companies.  It wasn't Zach's management company though - but a partner firm

@Charity Hanif

I’m sure someone has mentioned it already but from what I've seen from @Mirasol Aninon- in my opinion- she fudges the numbers to make it look good. Run the numbers yourself. One one property she didn't even put in 5% for vacancy or repairs. What's realistic is 20-25% of the rents for property management (if you decide to go with one), repairs and vacancy. 

I'd love to hear from others who may have noticed the same thing or feel the same way about Mirasol's posts...

@Jorge Ruiz , Yes I would say everything is operating actually better than expected!  All are cash flow positive, and are pretty hands off.  I've purchased 6 homes with them to date and plan to add another 3 to 4 this year if I can make it happen.  I've only had one vacancy so far, which they were able to fill within about three weeks time frame.  Very reasonable to me.  I've had little maintenance items here and there, but nothing big for sure.  I would say that the cash flow I'm receiving is actually better than initially projected, and that is why I plan to continue to invest with them.  One of the things that stood out to me the most about Zach, and still holds true today, is that fact that he has spent a ton of time strategic planning with me and my husband to help us create an awesome plan to reach our financial goals through real estate investing.  Through his coaching we've used a SDIRA to acquire a property, a 1031 to shelter our capital gains and acquire more rentals, and he has even recently introduced me to a lender that offers better rates/terms than any other lender I've got a quote from.  So in conclusion, I think they are at the top as far as turnkey goes, and I plan to invest with them for years to come.

Hope this helps,


Where are you getting 25% for management expenses?  That's completely unrealistic!  I've bought with them for about three years now and can say that all my properties have had less than a 4% vacancy.  One tenant has stayed the entire time I've owned the property and has only two very minor maintenance calls.  They plan to stay for another year and just signed another lease with a $50 rent increase.  The other property tenant left after 2 years, and we got a new tenant in less than a month.  I used to own properties in very low income, D class areas, and tenants would move every year, which would still only be an 8% vacancy with a month turn.  

I think they are some of the best turnkey providers out there and I for sure plan to keep investing with them.  What's more important than choosing the right market or property is choosing the right team!  Zach is a good person to have on your team, and I sure as heck plan to keep him on mine!

I've been investing with them for a few years now and own properties in different states. I can honestly say that overall I've a pretty good and predictable investment experience, which is exactly what I've been looking for. Zach does an excellent job making sure I am well educated on things, and he spends a lot of time with me to build a strategic plan. He has local partners and team members to handle the day to day operations. I've spoken with many other investors that also had a good experience with him. Because of this I plan to invest with him for future years. Hopefully I can add another 3 to 4 homes to my portfolio this year if I can swing it.

@Carey Flamer-Powell

I've invested with them since 2018 and had a pretty good experience overall.  I plan to purchase at least 2 more homes with them this year if I can swing it.  Here is a better thread that I've seen for more reviews that involves other investors that have actually worked with them.  It doesn't get sidetracked like this thread:

PM me with any specific questions you have, and I'm happy to answer them.