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I have been working this game for a few years and purchased our first investment house last December I want to start putting in offers on properties by myself with out a realtor, have found in past they dont like submitting low ball offers . Can I get a state contract and submit it my self to the listing agent of these properties. I have looked into freedom soft but feel I can begin submitting by my self can anyone help me on how to get up and running on putting out offers by myself looking for buy and hold deals and to wholesale a few deals Thank You

I'm not sure how good that approach would work as agents have the ear of their client, and will immediately tell them not to accept your offer in most cases.  I would keep searching to find a realtor in your area that is hungry (new or works with other investors) to work with to have them submit offers for you and to be able to communicate peer to peer with the other agents and see which sellers are truly motivated.  You might run through 2 or 3 agents before you find a good one, but they can be gold long term to help build your team. 

Maybe there are agents from your area here on BP that would help?

In my experience all the time is in preparing the offer. If you are doing that, not sure why an agent wouldn't submit it for you. Then again, agents that submit lowball offers get a bad rap and while it's not legal, I'm quite sure that some lowball offers don't get submitted to the sellers.

I think striking out on your own might have merits in that the selling agent would then get a higher commission since they wouldn't be sharing it with anyone. Why not get your own license?

With a low ball offers no one will take you serious, and the news will travel in a hurry you are just wasting everyone's time. I am sure if you do submit your offers direct without a realtor you can show a bank statement you can close the deal without any weasel clause.

Joe Gore

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