How To Find Mailing Address For Vacant Property Owner

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Hello BP Community,

I wanted to ask a question to see if someone could help me out. I was looking up some vacant property addresses in cook county, IL to see if I could locate the owner on the county tax assessors website. The information regarding the owner of the property is not coming up. Can anyone shed any light on where I may be able to find this information? I would greatly appreciate any input on the matter. Thanks in advance.

In the past I've been successful in obtaining owner contact information at vacant properties by calling the town's Tax Asseror's Office. I describe the size property I'm looking to contact the power about and they find the information. Here in MA, for a nominal fee [$15-30] they are willing to create an Excel spreadsheet and forward that to you via email.  From there you can start your marketing campaign.

Hope that helps,


The county has this information, you just have to call and figure out how or where to access it. It may be in a certain part of the site or may have to be emailed to you, or you have to go into the office and do a search there while onsite. I know of one county that charges a monthly fee to search all the property records online, others i know don't have online access, you have to use their computers at court office. Call, call, call

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