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How do you deal with a property with a title is held by a terrible mortgage company that has not paid the Taxes on it in five years? Can you still work with a property like this?

Does the lender actually have Title in their name?  If so, is it for sale?

I purchased it with a "quit claim deed" years ago, so with the county it's in my name! And yes they still have the title

@Jeff Plair  Please start from the beginning.  Who did you get a quit claim deed from?  Are you confusing the bank have a mortgage/trust deed with them actually having Title?  If the bank had title, why would you pay for QCD, which would be useless.  Was there some sort of tax sale?  The details and timelines ate important, include everything you know.

I was 19 and I purchased my first property from my neighbor who could no longer make his payments. So we did a quit claim deed and filed it through the county. A few years later the guy filed for bankruptcy and the mortgage company would not allow me to keep the property or give time to finance it in my name. So I left the property to the mortgage company. Five years later I get contacted about the property and find out that it is still in my name and the mortgage company has not paid the taxes since I left it to them and the tax office told me that I still own the property because it is still my name with the county. The mortgage company is nowhere to be found and I would like to sell it

Okay, so Title is not in their name, not sure why you thought it was. So, the bank never foreclosed, I presume?  If you want to resolve it, you'll have to track down who now owns the Note.  Have you checked for assignments of the mortgage? Done any kind of title search? I assume at some point soon, it will go to some sort of tax sale...I don't know the process/mechanics in Ga.

Correct, no foreclosure. The tax office says that if I pay the taxes before the tax sale,then it's mine

It's yours now, only with a mortgage which I presume is more than the property value.  If you want to be rid of it, the tax sale will be your easiest solution.

Updated about 4 years ago

Tax sale "may" be your easiest way.

Yes sir, thank you for the advise.

How much is the house worth?  How much is owed in taxes?

Originally posted by @Jeff Plair:

Bob Estler the house is worth 30k and the taxes are $1240

 Jeff:  let's get to the bottom of this. My Dad lives in Evans, so I feel compelled to act neighborly.  Send me the address.  I'll look to see what's going on with title and what's owed to the lender.  Happy to help.  

any updates?

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